My Dream Bathroom

I often go to public places like malls and I must say that I am checking their comfort rooms and I am comparing each of them. The worst bathroom or CR that I have used was the one in bus station. It is usually composed of foul odors and the environment is not that welcoming. The truth is I can't stay there for 5 minutes believe me!

When it comes to the decent bathrooms or comfort rooms, the CR in Bonifacio High Street is very good. I have been there last Saturday and have used their CR twice and I was impressed. There is always a man cleaning it and they are not leaving it with foul odor or inappropriate things. So I am giving them a 2 thumbs up!

The bathroom of Manila Grand Opera Hotel is also amazing. I have been there last August for our Acquaintance Party and have used their comfort room for like more than 5 times. The ambiance was so cool and it was so elegant. I want that one for my dream house maybe 5 or 8 years from now. :p

My Dream Bathroom

My Dream Bathroom is made up of elegant and stylish furnitures. Since I am a minimalistic guy, I want it to be painted in white with white furnitures as well. I want to add some plants so the motif is like a all-white with a touch of green hanging plants. Maybe searching for better materials is good for better bathrooms. Thinking about it makes me motivated and excited as well.

What about you? What is your Dream Bathroom looks like? Share it with us! 

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