Mov0001.swf - What is this?

I was browsing the internet for the most searched keyword in the Philippines for the last 7 days and I found out that Bagyong Quiel is on top, No Other Woman on the second spot and mov0001.swf is on the third spot. That made me wonder what the heck is mov0001 swf?

I tried to google it but there are only few websites that tackle this keyword and a lot of them are not even connected with the said keyword.

SWF is a file format that has something to do with videos or animations like flash. I guess, MOV0001.swf is a clip on the internet with a topic that I don't know. I also saw this video that when you type mov001.swf on googel, you will see the sweetest video ever! Hmmm. I am curious about it.

If there is mov001, then expect for mov0002, mov003, mov004 because mov001 indicates that there will be next for that clip. I wonder if this is pinay scandal or something? 

Do you know what is mov0001.swf? If yes, please enlighten me and the readers!

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