MOV0001.swf - The Revelation!

mov0001.swf has been one of the the most searched keyword in google for the past 7 days and I got curious about it. So I tried to browse the internet forums just to solve the question running in my head about this mov0001.swf.

I knew that swf is a file format like flash formats or has something to do with animations.

Luckily, I saw a forum about it and found out that mov0001.swf is actually a scary video made for Halloween or to scare people.DUH!

If you love scary clips, try to do this one. If you have heart problems better not try this. if you die it is not my fault. Hah!

1. Go to google.
2. Type mov0001.swf
3. Click on the first link.
4. Wait for that scary face just like on the scary maze game.

So I guess, the issue behind this weird keyword is solved! Thanks to WWW for the big help! Haha!

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