Paper Plane Vulture 1 Captures Amazing Earth's Photo

For the Earth or Astronomical enthusiasts out there, you must be aware of this thing called Paper Plane Vulture 1 that was launched on October 28 and it was televised on the BBC News and also to their website.

Now, the people behind this project are celebrating for the success of their project. They are no other than Steve Daniels, John Oates and Lester Haines. They started a project called Operation PARIS. PARIS is an abbreviation for Paper Aircraft Released Into Space. Vulture 1 is the name of the paper plane by the way.

Here are some amazing and breath-taking photos of the Earth~Our Home. This was uploaded by a flickr user who is a member of PARIS.
Paper Plane Captured Photo
Paper Plane Captured Photo
Paper Plane Captured Image
The photos above are captured by Vulture 1

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