Clean water is a must!

Water is a very important thing that we must take for us to have a healthy mind and body. But looking for a clean water here in the Philippines is kinda hard. Some people can't afford to buy or purchase a clean and safe water for their family because they need to prioritize some things like foods or groceries or clothing and the like. They are not that willing to buy clean water even though they have babies in their family.
Luckily, I have a mother that is very willing to pay for us to have clean water. For her, there is no way for us to drink a non-distilled or non-mineral water. We are always buying distilled water. It is not that costly you know, like in our case we only pay 25 pesos for a gallon of clean water. It lasts for like 3 weeks or 2 but it may vary on the season like during summer, we are consuming a lot of water because of the hot temperature.

The problem with this is how about the water that we drink outside our home? Are we assured that they are clean and safe for our body? Well the cafeterias can care less with this matter right and they are not even willing to buy Reverse Osmosis Water Filter for us to have clean water outside our home.

So what I am doing is I don't drink those water inside the canteen or cafeterias just to be sure. It is still okay to buy a mineral or distilled water. They can't force me to drink their water unless they purchase water filter right?


  1. me too, i'd rather buy canned or bottles stuffs to drink. take note: vendo machines may not be as clean since they have water mixed with the softdrink syrup.

    glad to be back here! its been a while...and i miss your visits too. come see me soon ;)

  2. Hello there Jenie! Thanks for the tip about the vendo machines. ;)

    I will visit your blog.