National non-working holiday on November 16,2010 ~Malacanang Palace

I know people wants this kind of announcements from the Malacanang Palace or President Noynoy Aquino. He declared that it will be a national non-working holiday on November 16,2010, Tuesday as a celebration of the Islamic Feast of Sacrifice. This is a sign of participating and doing something for our Muslim Brothers all around the world.

This announcement is from Proclamation no. 60. President Noyno "PNoy" Aquino confirmed the whole thing.

Eid'l Adha or the Islamic Feast of Sacrifice is the 10th day of the month of Hajj and it is celebrated by billions of our muslim brothers and sisters not only in the Philippines but also in other part of the world.

This will be a great en devour for us to have some quality time with our family or relatives. Enjoy everyone!


  1. Thank you Mr. President for declaring Eid’l-Adha, a National Philippine Holiday. It would be a long weekend for me since I filed a leave for Monday and was approved.