Ending of Magkaribal

So tonight is the ending or finale of the teleserye Magkaribal in ABS-CBN Kapamilya network and everyone is tuned in. I haven't watched the whole episode because I am not a fan of these shows (no offense).
Magkaribal Poster
But I know that there are thousands of people who are watching it religiously. Since tonight is their last night, I decided to watch its ending.

The ending was lame I guess and I never expected that this would be the end. They just forget everyone and then the chandelier fell on them. I mean WTF? Is that it?

What can you say about the ending of Magkaribal?


  1. hahaha i feel you! i just took a peak with their ending.. coz im not a fan either.. just curious after i saw the teaser.. only to find out that, walang enta! heheh

  2. parang bitin, didn't like the ending!