My Dream Profession

When I was in third year high school, me and friends were talking about the profession or course that we will take for college. Their answers were still fresh in my mind. My muslim friend wants to be a biologist (he is a BS-Math now). My lovely friend wants to be a Mass Comm student (now she is a Psychology student). Then I said, I want to be a nurse. But it never happened. I took Information Technology.

I love to be a nurse because this job is on demand and they a cool uniform. You know like angels or some kind of life savers. Very neat and pure. I like those stuffs.

Now, I envy my other friend who is taking Nursing now. I saw his photos on Facebook and I guess he is doing good. He also wears a nurse uniform. He will be graduating this 2012 and I am so excited for him.

Although I did not pursue my dream profession, I think I am falling in love with computers now. It is so nice to be a geek and I am loving it! I can always buy myself a scrub clothing by the way.

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