Pinay Scandal on Youtube

Pinay Scandal is a very popular search until now on the internet. A lot of sites are talking about pinay scandal. Some offers free video of pinay scandal, free photos of pinay making love with different men.
But I am a kind of person that will not allow having links that will direct my readers on free photos|free video of pinay scandal. I just want to experiment with this keyword you know? =)

Even Youtube has a lot of videos regarding pinay scandal and I noticed that the scandal of Katrina Halili is leading youtube’s video search. There are a lots of pinay scandal on the internet, lots of them are being made in their own home or houses or what people call homemade pinay scandal.

I knew a lot of pinay artists that have their homemade scandal, the number one on the list is Katrina halili because she is a celebrity already. I saw Rica Peralejos’s scandal before but I am not sure if she is really that girl. Another celebrity that has her collection of photo|pictures of pinay scandal is the leader of the female group Mocha, none other than Mocha Uson. I saw Mocha’s photo|picture kissing girls ). For you to see what I saw, Search pinay scandal on google or youtube and be amazed on what you will see. Goodluck and have fun! I know you will! :)


  1. @richard hahahaha! ganun na ganun nga..=p

  2. Well, someone has to be making movie of it first before it's posted on youtube, and if the pinay ladies don't like it they can alway ask youtube to stop it for abuse and find out who did it or better go to their partner and ask them.

    Although about the celebrity I have no comment about it because for me they just like gossip going around theme. It make theme more popular.

  3. @Wildcat Thanks for the visit! =] Yep but I think some of the pinay ladies that has a scandal on youtube are not aware that they have a scandal posted on youtube so they can't complain or do against it.

    About the celeb scandal issue, yeah that is for popularity. And it is a cliche.