Facebook Application Ninja Saga Cheats and Tricks

I used to play this game before on facebook. Ninja Saga is a very awesome game or application on facebook. Ninja Saga is based on the popular animation “Naruto”
. You need to create an account it is either boy or girl (duh!). Next is exploring the village and increase your level. There are amazing techniques that fit based on the level you are having. People are asking me on how to hack ninja saga, how to have a pet in ninja saga, or do I have a working cheat or hack on Ninja Saga. But I am replying a big NO!

But I know not so easy steps on how you can level up on ninja saga, how you can get your pet, and how you can achieve more powerful techniques, even how to increase your money and tokens.
First, do your tasks from the hokage and special missions, special mission have big money. Repeat the task if you really need to. Second, defeat your friends or other ninjas in the PVP area of the game Ninja Saga. Fight, fight, fight and never give up! Do your very best and earn money for you to buy anything you want.

Do not try to apply cheats on your ninja saga account because this hack might mess up your game and you will be back to level 1. Like what happened on my Ninja Saga account. :( But if you want to try some cheats on ninja saga, google it or search a video on youtube. I am warning you: Be very careful.

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