Tips on How to Lose Weight| My not so easy steps but fun

Losing weight is not a simple routine. It takes a lot of time and a lot of hard work, you need to balance everything like the way you eat meal, the way you sleep, and the way you handle problems. Let me discuss my own way of dieting yourself for you to achieve your desired weight.
There are a lot of books, blogs, or products that are ensuring you to lose weight within a month or less. Some are saying that their product or pills will eliminate fats in just a week or so but some of them or a lot of them are just a scam. It still depends on the way you live your everyday life. Here is my list of slowly but surely ways on how you lose your weight and for you to show the new and sexy you.

1.    Say no to elevator. Instead of riding an elevator or escalator in a mall you can just walk and take the stairs with your friend. This will count as one of your exercise. And you will lose some calories through perspiration.

2.    Eat frequently but not too much. You can still eat anything you want while you are dieting but just a bite or with a small quantity. Quite fair right? At least you are not starving from your favorite foods.

3.    Give your maids a break. If you have your own house cleaner or maid in your house, give them at least one day of break. And start doing their chores for the whole day. Cleaning your house is a good exercise for you. You lose calories and you make your maid happy.

4.    Sleep well, I will sing you a lullaby. Have at least 6-8 hours of sleep and do not sleep late.

5.    Bring the old days. Do you still remember the things you did when you were kids? Spend time with your kids or niece or nephew. Play with them and perspire. =)

6.    Eat a lot of fruits. Eating fruits will make your tummy healthy and your body system as well. But the most recommended fruit to eat are cherries. Cherries have a nutrient that is good for people that are on a diet.

There you go folks; you have my list of easy and fun way of losing or reducing weight or calories in your body. Remember these easy steps and do not ever believe in books or medicines that offering an instant effect on your body. You should really insert a lot of effort and control for you to achieve the body you always wanted.


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