Mafia Wars Cheats and Mafia Wars

Mafia Wars is one of the most popular application or game in Facebook. A lot of my friends are playing this even my own Mom. Weird but true.
But I am telling you, I am not playing this game because I am not a fan of playing games that is not even moving. No offense but accept it. I would rather play Ninja Saga, farmville, and Restaurant City that are moving.

For the sake of people searching for Mafia Wars Cheats and Mafia Wars Hack, I will be posting some useful Mafia Wars Cheats here.

I heard this news from my friend that the on demand country or mission in Mafia Wars is the Bangkok. But for you to go there, you need a Bangkok passport but I think this tip is available for alien mafia members only. For more info about the free Bangkok passport in mafia wars, visit MixitUp where you can find the latest Cheats in Mafia wars and hack in mafia wars.

When you are in Mafia Bangkok, you can now fight, declare war, and hitlist. When fighting, you will notice the faction, triad, and Yakuza icon. Everytime you increase your mafia faction, you can unlock special gifts in Mafia Wars Bangkok.

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