Daniel Radcliffe or Harry Potter Sexy Photos and Pictures for Equus

I have heard that the next sequel of harry potter will be daring for the lead actor Daniel Radcliffe. I saw a lot of sites posting their own trend about the sexy photo of Daniel Radcliffe or some sort of sexy photo of Daniel Radcliffe for Harry Potter sequel.
But those  photos of Daniel Radcliffe for harry Potter are all fake. Actually the photos are not fake rather the topic they are talking about. Daniel Radcliffe sexy photo and pictures are not meant for the next installment of Harry Potter rather those photos are for Equus. Yes! Daniel Radcliffe sexy photo or pictures for Equus NOT Harry Potter sexy photo for Harry Potter. By the way, here are the photos from Equus that I am talking about.
See the difference? I never thought that the innocent Harry Potter will post a sexy photo for Equus. Awesome change by the way. So I hope that I made everything clear that these sexy photo of Daniel Radcliffe are not for Harry Potter but these are for Equus. 

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  1. i never thought that harry potter will be a sexy