WordTrotter Game in Facebook: Made by Filipino

I was shocked when I heard this news on GMA7 when they televise the popular game or application in facebook that made by a filipino. The word is entitled Wordtrotter: The first filipino game in facebook.

WordTrotter was launched last November 9, 2009. Their aim is to stand out with foreign games in facebook like games by zynga which is farmville etc...Guess what! WordTrotter is number one in Google search result when you searched for "world's coolest game". Thumbs up man!

How to Play WordTrotter?

You can play WordTrotter by catching mystical words for you to save the world. Hmm, sounds like a superhero game right? It also involves wicked witch that will destroy the world if you did not play it right and cute tiny colorful creature.

Wordtrotter: The spell of the grammar made by Filipino
It is just like you are playing Text Twist with a twist. Wordtrotter will enhance your grammar and vocabulary. Wordtrotter is the best game for all ages I think because this is very educational. Kudos for Gil De Palma who created WordTrotter! Salute Salute!

Want to play WordTrotter? The first filipino game in facebook.
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