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Dockers Free Pants. That was the commercial that I watched a while ago. I am sure this will be a huge topic. And I am sure that the owner of the website of dockers will have a huge traffic for their free dockers pants. Who doesn't want dockers free pants by the way?
Hit the comment box if you doesn't like free things especially free dockers pants.

Like what I said before, the site is getting a very huge traffic so they cannot open it right now. I do not know how much traffic they are getting from people searching for Dockers Free Pants shouting "Where is my free pants from dockers! Fix this site and give me my dockers free pants!"haha! I just imagined it guys.

Anyway, If you missed the Dockers free pants commercial, you can still watch it here:

Haha! Dockers free pants commercial is hilarious! I wear no pants! LOL

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