Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro video scandal rumor

This is crazy but for the sake of seo and getting higher page views I am gonna blog about this topic although this is far from reality.

We all know that there are lots of rumors about the sexuality of Enchong Dee. Most people are saying that he is gay but Enchong is not admitting anything so we don't have the right to conclude yet. It should come out from his mouth that is gay or bisexual like Zac Efron.

Shocking news is, there is a video scandal of Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro that is being posted on forums and other web blogs on the internet and I know millions of people are looking for it, unfortunately, I can't find any video copy of it even on youtube! 

Anyhow, this is the official comment of Sebastian about this video scandal rumor:
enchong dee x sebastian castro video scandal
Enough said. But hey! There is still 10% chance that the rumor is true. lol!

What can you say about this enchong x sebastian love affair and video scandal? True or Not True?

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