iPhone 5s blue screen of death- How to fix

"My iPhone 5s's screen turned blue "blue screen of death" then reboot itself out. how can I fix this?" I have been seeing lots of questions like that on the internet. Thanks to the software update of Apple for iPhone 5s that did not resolve the bug about this blue screen of death issue.

iPhone5s blue screen
photo grabbed from cnet.com

Blue screen of death or BSOD only occurs to old Windows computer or laptop. Trust me, it happened to me for like 10 times already. What I do is I just reboot my laptop and voila! No BSOD!

Unfortunately, there is no upgrades yet for this blue screen issue for iPhone 5s but you can read this post from Cnet telling some details about it. 

Stay updated as we resolve this issue within the next few days!

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