Casualty Game Walkthrough,Tips,Cheat,hack|Causality game Walktrough

Casualty is a game made for bored people by bored dot com. Casualty Game or people often typed as Causality Game is a game that will test and enhance your intelligence and the way you think in a fast way.
For you to be able to finish the four complex level of Casualty Game, you need a Casualty Game Walkthrough or Causality Game Walkthrough. Casualty game is like the brutal game that involves stick man with violent way of killing its opponent but minus the blood.

Casualty Game Walkthrough | Causality Game Walkthrough
Before I give the Casualty game walkthrough or causality game walkthrough, you must visit the game site so you can play it now. Click on PLAY then you are ready to go. Click the mouse to shoot your opponents but be careful and alert. After you shot your opponents, you can now go to the next level until you reach level 4. For more Casualty Game Walkthrough you can watch the video below.

Casualty Game Walkthrough Video | Causality Game Walkthrough Video

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