Miriam Defensor Santiago funny Pork Barrel Pickup lines

I love Miriam Defensor Santiago's funny pickup lines ever since because it is pretty unsual in senate to her funny jokes especially if it is coming from a very serious woman ~ Miriam Defensor Santiago!

Some might find it cheesy but I find it cool! Don't oppose because this is my blog. lol! If I were to choose my favorite woman in the senate, that would be her and I will even vote for her as president if she'll run. ;)
miriam defensor santiago funny jokes
Miriam Defensor-Santiago is love 
After her funny pickup lines about random stuff, she has something new for all of us! Funny Pork Barrel pickup lines! I can't find it on the net but there are videos of her throwing her jokes. Youtube it because I am so lazy to post it here.

Here are some of Miriam Defensor-Santiago's funny jokes...

One time I met a politician and I said as a joke...

Me: Balita ko, meron ka raw kulasisi na 18 years old.
Politican: Lumang balita na yan. 28 years old na siya ngayon.

Pick up line for bankers

Can you recommend a good bank? Kasi I'm planning to save all my love for you.


Matalinong babae + Matalinong lalaki = Romance
Matalinong lalaki + Bobong babae = Affair
Matalinong babae + Bobong lalaki = Kasal
Bobong lalaki + Bobong babae = Sexually Transmitted Disease

Gusto mo bang trabaho?

… Meron sa PLDT, 10,000 pesos per day. Ikaw yung dialtone.
… Meron sa DPWH, 10, 000 pesos per day. Ikaw yung speedbump.
… Meron sa post office, 10,000 pesos per day. Didilaan mo lahat ng stamps.

Confident vs Confidential

A young boy asked his Dad, what is the difference between confident and confidential?
The father said, you're my son. Confident ako doon. Yung best friend mo sa school, anak ko rin yun. Yun ang confidential.

Five tips for a happy man's life

1) Have a girl to help you at work
2) Have a girl to take care of you and to love you
3) Have a girl who can make you laugh
4) Have a girl who spoils you
5) Siguraduhin na hindi magkakilala and apat na babae na yun

Pick-up lines

Kapag mamamatay na ako, huwag na huwag kang pupunta sa libingan ko kasi baka tumibok ulit ang puso ko.

Miss, cuchara ka ba? Kasi palapit ka palang, napapapanganga na ako.

Suicide, homicide, insecticide, lahat pamatay. Pero kung gusto mong pampabuhay, i-try mo ang 'by my side.'

Malabo na talaga ang mata ko. Pwede ba akong humingi sa iyo ng kahit konting pagtingin?

P/S. Jokes were copied from Rappler.

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