Cheesy Tagalog Pickup Lines

I am now trying my luck again when it comes to owning a SEO keyword with HITLOD. I have chosen cheesy tagalog pickup lines because I love them so much! I love sending corny pick up lines to my friends or personally throwing them to my friends and the results are always positive. For me it's okay to be corny than be boring your whole life. 

So what is cheesy pickup lines? They are those phrases that are funny or sometimes have double meaning on them. But the goal is simple, to make people smile or even laugh. If you are a born joker, throwing pick up lines will never be that hard. It will be just a piece of cake and people will surely ask for more.

What makes a good pick up line thrower? It is just a matter of timing and confidence. Choose the right time to say it during a conversation and keep in mind that you have a goal in throwing pickup lines---To make people smile or laugh hard.

Tagalog pickup lines are good tools to break the ice so it would be better if you have tons of them in mind just in case you meet a pretty lady and you got stuck with her somewhere. If you want to have additional pick up lines, you might want to visit my tagalog pickup lines collection 2011.

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