Beach Resorts this Summer Season!

I have a hate-love feeling for summer season. Why? Because I hate hot weather but I love the fun of summer like beach parties and swimming escapade with college friends. Speaking of parties and swimming escapades, I know that hundreds if not thousands of people will be going to search for affordable beach resorts here in the Philippines.

Last year, I posted something about beach resorts in Subic Zambales. Subic is really doing its best to promote and develop the resorts that are available in their area. Just like Camayan Beach Resort that has a high-quality rooms and offers good services.

If you are from Metro Manila who can't afford to go to Zambales due to a hectic schedule, you might want to try Bosay Resort in Antipolo. A lot of my friends went there and had fun.

If you are looking for fun this summer season, you might want to try going to the destinations I listed above.

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  1. Hi deej,

    Yay! summer is here, I'm excited even though it always rain here in our place!Just dropping by,btw thanks for updating my links :)