Camayan Beach Resort

Camayan Beach Resort "Your New Home". Camayan Beach Resort is also known as the Miracle Beach during the days of the US Navy in Subic Zambales. Last December 2002, the Camayan Beach Resort was entitled with the best Beach Resort in Subic.

This summer, you can enjoy your vacation is Camayan Beach Resort, your great escape from the city, paper works, and deadlines. Forest meets the sand and the beach just like the quotation of Camayan Beach Resort.

Camayan Beach Resort is located near the sea shore so you will definitely have a rest, enjoy the breeze, and the cool ambiance of the entire place. Plus, you can enjoy the 82 Deluxe rooms and 3 Spacious Captain's Room.

Aside from the beautiful environment of Camayan, you can enjoy its activities like swimming, snorkeling, paddling, and diving. Speaking of diving, you can swim along the dolphins and dive to see the beauty under the blue water of the Beach Resort.

But before you go in Camayan beach resort, make sure that you reserved a room for you and your company so you can reserve your room online. Just copy this link and paste it on your address bar.


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Camayan Beach Resort
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