Naruto Chapter 485 Spoilers and Predictions

Naruto Chapter 485 is entitled "A New Hokage" and the the scenes are more on Naruto, kakashi, and Sakura. Note that this blog post about Naruto Chapter 485 is just a prediction and not final.

On the first scene, Naruto and Sakura are talking about how Sasuke changed a lot while sakura is healing Naruto. After that, the scene changed to Yamato, Lee, Kiba, and Akamaru. They saw both Naruto and Sakura and they decided to announce a new hokage because Kakashi was attacked by Sasuke so they need to go back to Konoha.

The latest news about Akatsuki is: Three new members joined them and planned again to capture the nine tails boy.

Naruto Chapter 485 is just a prediction of an avid fan.=]

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