Be Listed on my New Blogroll

Since our classes are suspended today because of the typhoon called "Juan" (Oh! It is a super typhoon). I have a lot of time to do some extra work regarding on my blogs. I was about to start this new blog post after knowing that we don't have classes today but I decided to watch glee first. I also played on my photoshop CS4 and tried my luck to do some typography and other designs. Okay, enough with these matters. 

This will be my second blog roll.
We all know that blogrolls are very essential to us bloggers because this is a way of exposing your blog to other bloggers out there. It is like you are shouting "Hey! I am a blogger. Come visit me on my blog". So a lot of bloggers are very interested to be in someone's blogroll (well that includes me).

While I am blog hopping, I saw this well-organized blog with a lot of blogrolls or blog list. It  is like she is collecting links every other month. I am sure that is the reason why she is that so popular in the world of blogging today. And I want to use that strategy. I want to put up another blog roll and collect links for me to have more connections and friends in the blogosphere.

So if you are a blogger who wants to be in my link roll or blog roll, just contact me on the comment box with this format:
Anchor Text or Blog name
URL or link of your blog/s
Please make sure that you also add me on your blogroll so it will be fair for the both of us. I will check your blog roll first before I confirm your request. I will be doing this also to my other blog DeejSpeaks and update my blog roll. 

Happy Blogging everyone!


  1. Hello, care to xchange links :D

    hahahaha, a well rehearsed line :)

    grabbed your badge already............ for quite awhile actually :D

  2. NOTE: I won't publish your comments that include your anchor texts and URLs. The big G might think that you are spamming this blog post. I will simply delete them.

    One Stop Blogz and CarloDimaandal are already listed.

  3. Can i join your blogroll? the digitalorb is ready for the blogosphere :) iCed here ;)

  4. Cedngasngu,

    You are already listed Dude. iCed is kewl. :)

  5. Nash,

    Just create a blog post that contains the links of the bloggers you have met. Make sure that they have added you in their blog roll too.

  6. Interested Deej.. Will do it later tonight..Oh hope I won't forget,lol.. :)

  7. Hi, I am interested to join in your blogroll.
    How does it work? :)

  8. Pwede pa join hehe, let me know and surely add you in my list =)

  9. Hi thanks for the add. I have already added you to my blogroll. Thanks again :).

  10. Deej, Done adding you on my blog here in

  11. Hi Deej,

    Is it possible for you to change my health blog URL to


  12. Okie dokie Sir Rob! Congratulations on your new domain!