My Dream Green Home

Me and my friends were eating our lunch somewhere in Dapitan and we talked something about our dream house after seeing the wall of the canteen. It is made up of green bamboos. I am sure that the bamboos that used on the wall are still fresh because there are still all green. I said to my friends that I want that one for my dream house. 

I know that a house that is made up of woods are not that popular nowadays because people are looking for a modern designs for their home like metal furnitures and the like. They also prefer using a wall made up of cement because it is more durable and strong enough that will surely last for years.

But I am not one of them. Yes, I am an IT student and I want to be an IT professional someday. I appreciate technology and I am thanking every inventions that was made. But sometimes, we need to let go of modern things and start to embrace a little bit of the past. So I prefer wooden and green home for me and my future family.

My dream house will be made up of modern materials like metal, aluminum and cement but the different thing is I will add some wooden and green materials. Wooden materials such as log furniture will complement this green houses. I am also a big fan of the houses in USA that has a roof made up of grasses with a swimming pool on it. 
I hope this will be implemented here in the Philippines-Green rooftop
It is like you have a mini farm on your roof. But this kind of infrastructures need a strong foundation and amount of money. But the satisfaction that you will get is priceless. Note that this kind of houses are eco-friendly and some say that it is much cooler on the inside when you have a roof like this.

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