Where is Our Mailbox?

Nah, we don't have a mailbox outside our house so there is no need to worry about. Here in Manila, some people's houses doesn't have their mailboxes unlike the ones in the US. You might want to know where do the postman put the letters or parcels if there is no mailbox. Well they are just knocking on the door or gate and lend the letters or parcels. It's easy as one two three though. ;)
A typical classic mailbox
The first problem would be the thief. There are bunch of bad guys roaming here waiting for their perfect timing to get something so a mailbox will give them what they want. It's just they are collecting valuable things away from us without sweat. But if you want, you can put modern wall mailboxes that is more secured and safe from those bad guys.

Knobloch mailboxes give you a variety of mailboxes for you to choose from. It is an online store that has tons of different type of mailboxes. From wooden to metal. So give them a try. 

What do you think would be the biggest problem if we will have a mailbox outside our house? Do you want your own mailbox?

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