Smart and Globe Free Internet Techniques are my Saviour!

Last year, I posted something about free browsing technique for smart and UFBT for globe users. I used this tricks before for me to be access the internet for free since I am poor. :) I called these posts as my savior because they are giving me the most visited pages of this blog. I can't believe that I can be on the search engine's first page when it comes to the keywords that I used.

Frankly, I am not aware of the latest tips and tricks for free internet browsing in smart or globe. I stopped using it because I am now using my Sun Wireless Broadband (I am paying 799 pesos a month). But I must admit that my Sun broadband is not that good. Last night, it took time for me to use google because my internet became so slow. I can't help myself not to hate my ISP.

But don't worry. If I have vacant time, I will try to find a way in finding tips and tricks for your unlimited free browsing technique version 2011 for your mobile phones and laptops as well since these methods are now working on broadbands. Be updated!

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  1. i will try to the Smart Free Internet on my mobile phone and i hope i will make it to have free internet surfing.. thank you.. :-)