Helping my friend in California

My friend from San Diego, California chatted with me on facebook and she was very pissed with her laptop because it has a malicious software that is making it slower that usual. She said that she got the software on her computer class when she tried to get something using her flash drive. Since I am an IT student, I tried to give her different method to remove the effect of the software but nothing happened though. I guess I can't fix a laptop without touching it and see the main problem.

I advised her to go and consult san diego virus removal because I know that there are lots of IT experts in her area right? Consultation might not that cheap as she thought but as long as she fixed her laptop right?

Computers need help too!
Virus removal San Diego is one of the companies that fix the problems or issues of laptops, PCs etc in San Diego, California. Each state has a company that offers help for people who are having trouble with their systems. They even accept mac net-books because we all know that macs are immune with viruses but sometimes, they might malfunction because of some softwares. Remote mac support is what you need if you are a mac user since mac, windows and other operating systems differ with each other and needs attention with different professionals. 

I hope that my friend from California can fix her laptop because I really need to chat with her again.

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