President Noynoy Aquino is dating Len Lopez?

President Noynoy Aquino or PNoy is a hot topic today after the release of his photo with a Deutsche stockbroker, Len Lopez. The photo was a cover of The Philippine Star so a lot of people can't help but to comment and ask about the identity of Len Lopez.

A showbiz website have spotted PNoy and Len Lopez having a snack at the Power Plant Mall in Rockwell last November 29, 201o.

In an article of entitled "Who is Len Lopez, reported new love interest of PNoy?" revealed the identity of Len Lopez.  She is a 38 year old and a Management Economics graduate in Ateneo University and a friend of many prominent people usually working in the Government. Her mother is also a Recto so they are a distant relative of Senator Ralph Recto.

Now, people are saying that President Noynoy Aquino is a playboy. After the break-up with Shalani Soledad and the issue about Liz Uy, people can't stop thinking and saying bad words about him. I hope this won't be hinder for our President.


  1. I just wonder why now that he became the president is when the time he keep dealing with women. He should focus his attention to the Phil constituents.

  2. incorrect! who says its only now he keep dealing with women.
    Tha fact is, he became the president and most of his moves are now well traced by the public.

    I am not a president and i dont even reach managerial level. I dont want to defend anybody but i do want to support who is in chair whether it is arroyo or aquino or someone else. President are also human beings and not a robot which can be run by an external energy. Imagine a 90 million population runned by 1 president.

    Ever handle 5 people in one company?

    A person needs to refresh, relax as long as it doesnt come to abuse.

    I beleive prayers will contribute most in rising Philippine's economy. It is only prayers that can turn people into a new leaf.

    To me, as a filipino, ill keep doing wat is right and in that way, i believe it will contribute much..

    Corruption will be the most entertaining news to everybody as it affects every one of us.

  3. Omy! A lovelife of a bachelor president sometimes becomes more interesting than what his administration is doing.