Jasmine Curtis on TV5: Ang Utol kong Hoodlum

Jasmine Curtis, a 16-year old sister of Anne Curtis who is now in Australia for her studies is confirmed to enter the world of show business. But unlike her sister, she won't be on Kapamilya network but in TV5 or Kapatid network. A lot of people were mad at her because of her decision of rejecting the offer of channel 2 but it was her choice after all right? She knows best for herself.

"Ang Utol kong Hoodlum" will be her first project in TV5. This show was a hit during the 90's that featured Robin Padilla and Vina Morales. Jasmine will be with JC De Vera who has the title of "Prince of TV5". Therefore, Jasmine Curtis will be the "Princess of TV5" right?

This was her reason for choosing TV5 instead of Kapamilya: "I chose to be a part of TV5 because they are very much willing to work around my school schedule, which is of utmost priority, as well as give me a great project as a beginner in the industry,"

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  1. hindi bagay ni jc de vera maging robin padila sa utol kong hoodlum hindi naman kasi cia bad boy, not even a spitting image of robin.