New list of recalled product of Saputo cheese announced!

Last November 26, 2010, Saputo Inc. recalled 150,000 kilograms of their cheese products. Today, an Internationale news announced that Saputo Inc. which is the Canada's largest dairy producer have added or expanded the list of their cheese products that may contain listeria monocytogenes; a bacteria that could bring serious illness to people.

The new list of recalled products of Saputo Inc. as of December 04, 2010

  • Faith Farms
  • Sunspun
  • St.Albert
We do not know the root cause of the problem and that is why we are recalling all the process cheese slices that were manufactured on the production line until November 26. We have decided to put public interests first and the company is taking these broader precautionary actions to respond proactively to the situation.

Replied the spokesperson of Saputo Inc during an interview. Saputo Inc. is now under investigations and they are doing their best that they could do to clean their reputations so everything will go back to normal now.


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  4. Yup, Saputo is one of the largest dairy producers in Canada.