Kris Aquino is dating Ted Failon rumor

This news shocked the whole country. Kris Aquino didn't expect that her joke about Ted Failon having a good time with her will be a viral topic to blogs, forums, and social networking sites. 

The whole thing was so fast and it happened during TV patrol world when Ted Failon was interviewing Kris Aquino regarding her movie "Dalaw" but Kris said something that makes everyone confused and puzzled about the real thing between her and Tad. Kris said that she invited Ted for a date. Unfortunately, Ted declined her offer. "Too bad," Kris added.

But after that interview, a lot of news and rumors begun to spread the internet and people are asking: Is it true that Kris Aquino and Ted Failon are dating?

Kris Aquino answered it: "It was only a joke. Ted has been my friend".
End of the topic...


  1. i saw this in tv patrol yesterdat and shocked! well let see if this is true in the coming days.

  2. this man is too good for kris she does not deserve him.kris needs a psychiatrist not a boyfriend.

  3. i agree!!!kris needs some counseling too. Please Ted Failon, stop texting or giving any sign to Kris about being too nice, cos she'll misinterpret your sweetness. she's a self-centered spoild brat tactless person. she's not good for you Ted. if you want to run for the coming election, just do it by yourself, cos people loves u and believe on u, dont use Kris for this thing, she'll not good for your career and for having a normal life

  4. Tef Failon dont be the next victim of Kris Aquino's craziness in life!she will not do good thing for you. Stop texting her please!