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Since I am IT student, I am trying to learn different programs that can help me to achieve what I want to be. Like I learned how to create a webpage using a notepad with the HTML codes. I am expecting to learn how to use Dreamweaver soon in my E-commerce class. Although I have a multimedia class right now, we only tackled about using Flash Macromedia and a little bit of AfterEffects.

I can say that I have an advanced knowledge in using Photoshop compared to my other classmates because I am using photoshop for like years now. I can manipulate photos like vectoring, enhancing, and I also know how to use a pen tool. *wink* Pen tool is like the hardest tool in photoshop because you are dealing with curves so that is very confusing I guess.

Hundreds of Company Logos
But what I want to learn is how to create a logo for my blogs. I admit that my creativity is not that enough for me to come up with a kick-ass logo for myself. I discovered a website that the members are willing to pay hundred bucks for a logo. They are not a Logo Design Company though because you are competing with other designers all over the globe. My plan for now is to study more and find an inspiration for me to come up with a very creative logo. 

So if you think that you area pro in making logo, please hit the comment box and share your tips to us!

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