Mark Salling or Puck of Glee is in the Philippines!

Where is Puck? That is one of the questions that I am seeing right now on twitter and facebook. There are rumors that Mark Salling also-known-as Noah "Puck" Puckerman is here in the Philippines for his Christmas vacation. So a lot of Glee fanatics are looking for his location.

There is a photo from twitpic showing that some of the Philippines Airlines (PAL) flight attendants are with Puck so the photo is a proof.

If this rumor is true, then Mark Salling might have a surprise guesting on a concert of Darren Criss also-known-as Blaine on Glee. Darren Criss will be having his concert in Greenbelt.

If you spotted Puck, Hit the comment box! 


  1. Just arrived from Greenbelt! The show was fantastic despite the fact that Darren was a bit under the weather. No sighting of Puckerman.

  2. I heard that he's gonna be in boracay this vacation