Sharon Cuneta vs Hayden Kho on twitter!

As I have said before, twitter is becoming the battle field of local celebrities like Sarah Geronimo vs Christine Reyes scandal last month. Now, Megastar Sharon Cuneta replied to Hayden Kho's tweet on his twitter account saying something against Sharon Cuneta's billboard for Marie France. Below was the tweet of Hayden:
There’s a billboard ad in Edsa developed by advertisers who think consumers are stupid. Guess.”
Sharon Cuneta said something against this controversial tweet
 “As far as I’m concerned, stupid people shouldn’t comment on what is stupid or not! If I may add to that: Decent people are people I would like to listen to. Not those who do not know the meaning of decency. And who treat women like they’re nothing! Excuse me! You know, you want to start a war with me? You? Fix all your problems first.”

But the Belo Medical Consultant said that the tweet was not meant for Sharon but it's for the upcoming perfume product that will be releasing soon. 

Whatcha think?


  1. "The image of Sharon may appear different in billboard because it can be done through the proper angle, lighting and shadow both from the subject and camera". Ang haba ng sinabi mo, gawa lang sa Photoshop yan!!!

  2. ms. sharon wag mo na ipagtanggol billboard mo its so not u yet.... sana nilagay nio... my new me soon to be achieved... kc ur interview with boy abunda sa buzz ur looks from the new u sa billboard is soooo napakalayo pa po.

  3. Sharon, get over yourself! Are you definite that, that was you he was referring to?! No, you are just assuming. And by the way that's because you are the Megastar, does not mean that you can interfere with "other people's" problem! Do yourself a favor, mind your own business and choose your own battle carefully, or stay out!!