I want a full body massage

I never had a body massage before given by a professional. I had one but that was given by my mom. I also remember the day when I was living in the province (I am from Zambales) with my grandma and grampa, they always bring me to this old man when I am sick just to massage my body. I know that it is a procedure to check if there is something wrong with my veins or whatever.

Now that I am here in the city and there are lots of spa center that gives quality services when it comes to body massage, I am planning to have one maybe after New Year.
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I want a hard massage because I love hearing my bone back made a cracking sound. I am not sure if this can bring a side-effect to my bones at the back but it feels good.

I also want to experience having an acupuncture at my back. Some says that it is painful but I can never tell if I will not experience it. The body massage won't be complete without the candle inside the glass that will suck colds within your body. I don't know the proper name for this procedure but I want to try it. What I am looking for right now is a good massage therapy business cards that will catch my attention. As long as it is affordable, then I would go for it.

I will probably go with my mom since she will be the one to pay the bills. *LoL* Just kidding! :D I am planning to have my own credit card next year so I can transfer all my money from my paypal account so I can use it for my personal needs.

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