Hubert Webb's Twitter Account was made by Tim Yap?

Hubert Webb is still a trending topic right now and I saw his twitter account too (iamhubertwebb). I am not sure if Hubert Webb's twitter account is for real or not but based on his tweets, probably it is not him. His tweets are showing how innocent he is outside the bar of the jail. It is like he came from the past and being amazed and confuse with the thing in the future. As of now, he has 4,021 followers (still counting).

I have read Hubert Webb's tweets and I can't help myself to smile:

  • is loving Alanis’ new single! “Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?”  ”
  • Guys, Freedom Party for me tonight! See you at Mars disco!!!!!
  • Wait, how do you put a CD into this iPod thing?
  • After all these interviews, I’m just going to kick back, relax and finally get a tan in my fave beach – Puerto Azul.
  • Guys, who has Season 2? I didn’t get to complete my Friends VCDs.
  • Who’s this Manny Pacquiao guy? For me, pound for pound, Mansueto “Onyok” Velasco’s still the champ!

There are rumors that Hubert Webb's twitter account was made by the socialite, Tim Yap. NBI said that they traced the IP and found out that Tim Yap is doing this to cover his controversial tweets about Miko Morelos. They are preparing warrant of arrest for Tim Yap now.

What can you say about this issue? 

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