Pilipinas Kay Ganda website is related to a pornography site

Pilipinas kay ganda movement is really on fire right now because of the issues that it is facing right now. Because after the pilipinas kay ganda logo issue, it is now facing another one.

It is about the website of Pilipinas kay ganda that was released in just one day. After that, they cancelled it immediately because the link or URL of Pilipinas kay ganda website is like related to a porn site. The only difference is just one letter.

The persons who are involved with this scandal said that they are not aware of every porn site in the world wide web so they have no idea about it. I think this is just an honest mistake but the PKG movement is so vague right now. The possibility of its success is only 30% I guess.

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  1. I think they should hire some legal body to handle this issue.