Pilipinas Kay Ganda Logo Issue

Pilipinas kay Ganda is the project or the name that the new government wants to implement in promoting our country when it comes in tourism. They want to change the tagline "Wow Philippines" with "Pilipinas Kay ganda" but there are a lot of things or controversies that it is facing right now.

First would be the name itself. Critiques said that the name must be in English since we are are targeting the foreigners abroad and they might not understand "Pilipinas kay ganda".

Second would be the logo. Someone noticed that the logo of Pilipinas kay ganda is similar to the logo of polska. Take a look with the logo of pilipinas kay ganda and the logo of polska below:
I also noticed that it is also similar to the logo of Maldives.
So what do you think guys? Is it just a coincidence or someone cheated or copied the logo of someone else's work? Comment below.


  1. they look similar, maybe the tourism department was experimenting on the perfect design and best tagline for tourism. let's give them another chance.

  2. HAHA! I also saw that slogan by Maldives and LOLed. HAHAHA!

  3. just learn to forgive..give another chance,,,,

  4. Well, yeah, they both look a bit the same, also with that of Maldives. But, the bottomline is, the Department of Tourism were just strong to accept and withstand all the criticisms thrown to them. In fact, I admire Mr. Enteng Romano, Undersecretary for Planning and Promotions for answering all the questions given to him and for accepting his own mistakes about that logo. Surely all people commits mistake, and he is just one of those people committing mistakes right? He even aplogizes not only to President Auino and Secretary Alberto Lim, but mopst especially, he apologized for the millions of Filipinos.One more thing, isn't just the perfect time for us supposed to be to stand and work hand-in-hand to end this issues instead of arguing over and over again? we're all stake in this. Let's give them another try. perhaps, they may do better now. :)