Saw 7 Movie Review

I am a really huge fan of bloody films like the SAW series. I have watched them for like 2 times because I usually forget some details or characters in the movie so I need to watch it again to refresh mind for the next sequel.

Saw 7 is the last installment of Saw series and it is so brilliant! The beginning was terrifying and I love the story behind the trap. I just don't want to say some details regarding this to stop spoilers because people do hate it.
Saw 7 Movie Poster

The Traps

If you think you see everything, then you are wrong. Jigsaw or "the killer" combines and re-use all of the traps on the previous series. But I did not see the "Needle in a haystack". But the main attraction is the saw.

The Story

It is so amazing. I love this final series because it answered all of my answers. Whys and Hows are already solved and you will really learn from every traps or scenes. Kudos to Jigsaw! Live Life to the Fullest! :D

The Venus Fly Trap

Do you remember the venus fly trap? The one that will make your jaw open? Finally, it killed someone. Guess who it is. *wink*

So I still have tons of movies to watch so watch out for my reviews about them.

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  1. wow. that sounds interesting to watch kaya lang nakakatakot kaya di nalang. lalo pag alang kasama. lol.