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Pre Algebra is the basic branch of Mathematics for college students. Even though it is the simplest branch, students can't easily understand it on class so they tend to pay extra bucks for their personal tutor. But hiring a personal tutor is not that cheap. You have to pay them double just to teach you some basic steps like How to divide, how to add, and how to solve some Math Word Problems

I am saying this because I felt the same way back in my high school days when I am taking my Algebra class, I thought that I can't understand this subject at all because I had a hard time in familiarizing myself with Algebra equations. But all I did was focused on the subject matter and tried to pay more attention during our class. As a result, I passed my Algebra class and learned a lot. Now that I am in college, I very proud to say that I can solve a math problem even though it is on Standard form

If you are looking an online website that can teach you something about Algebra, you can directly go on TutorVista. They offer you a good quality tutoring service and will teach you the Slope Formula

If you are a first timer in using the website, you can avail your free demo. You can get some freebies and Math practice test so you can print it out and practice it during your free time. If you are satisfied with their program, you can pay them $99.99 for a full tutor package in one month.

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