Miss Universe 2010 Live Online Streaming Project

I have optimized this keyword early in the month hoping that I can maintain my spot on the first page of the big G. The title of my keyword is Watch Miss Universe 2010 Online Live Streaming and if you will try to google it, you can see my post on the second spot of the big G. I was on the top one before but a bas+turd interfere so my project will not be successful.

The Miss Universe 2010 will be tomorrow and I still have time to optimize this keyword again. So here I am blogging it for the second time hoping that I can get that spot again and get what is mine. Tomorrow, we will see the result of this project. Will I stay on the second spot? Or will I get back my keyword and be at the top again? Let us see. Here is the list of candidates in Miss Universe 2010. Maria Venus Raj is making her name there. She was picked as one of the top 15 in Swim wear. That is a good news right? I am confident that she can take home the bacon! Let us pray for that!


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  2. Miss Philippines Venus Raj made it to the top5, not bad, but it will be great if she bagged the crown