The Last Exorcism Chatroulette Funny Reactions

The Last Exorcism is an upcoming horror film that I am currently waiting. They said that the story of the film is the combination of "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" and "Paranormal Activity". The film is like a documentary film of a couple in like a town or a cabin until something paranormal happened to the lady.
I saw this video on youtube entitled "The last Exorcism Chatroulette Funny Reactions". This is their way to promote the film to public and I guess they succeed to that. If you are not familiar with chatroulette, better read my article about that.

In this video, a lady will pop up removing her tops and look at the reactions of the guys! =) I love the reaction of the fat guy who waved at the lady. he looks like the friend of Jimmy Neutron. *LoL*

I also laughed at the reaction of this guy. "Show me your tittays!" *LOL*

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  1. I like to watch horror movies.. I will check out the movie trailers.