Secure your Computer and Family from any Harm

I am not comfortable in borrowing someone's laptop in our school just to check my facebook page or email in my yahoo account because I am aware that some of my classmates are using a keylogger in their system that can track everything including my password. But a keylogger is a very useful element in your computer because you can secure your computer from cheaters out there. You can also use it as a surveillance hardware that can retrieve all the informations that were done during a period of time. By this means, you can track every move that the user of your computer took while he was using your PC or laptop.

The good thing with technology today is the discovery of computer hardwares and softwares that can detect an individual or a group of people. It is like you are using a Google map but instead of finding a place, you will be able to find a person. These kind of softwares and hardwares are being used by police surveillance so they can track anyone and capture whoever the suspect is. So we should really say thanks to technology.

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  1. Thanks for the post. I have a keylogger installed in my laptop. That s why I can hack my friend's facebook account.