Halloween Costumes Idea 2010

I know this post is too early for Halloween but I just love Halloween so I will be posting about it as early as now. If you are thinking on what you should wear this coming Halloween 2010, you better go to Costume Cauldron because they are offering the most in and elegant Halloween costumes and other events like in theater outfits. This site offers sexy Halloween costumes for adults and kids Halloween costumes

My top 2 picks are Adult Death Dealer and the 100 dollar bill.

Adult Death Dealer100 Dollar Bill
I choose the Adult Death Dealer because it is very scary and it is the best costume ever. It is not a fad so it will last until there is Halloween. I remember when I was a child, I was walking in the dark alley then one of my neighbor appeared in a creepy costume like this and that scared the hell out of me. 

I choose the 100 dollar bill not because it is scary but it is funny. I am sure that my friends will be so happy when they see me wearing this kind of costume. I like this costume because I love money. That is why I am working hard to earn extra bucks.

You can buy these costumes at the Costume Cauldron. Link is provided above. 


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