Back To School kid Stuffs

Last May, me, my Mom and my little sister went to the mall to buy my sister her new stuffs in school since June is the start of classes here in the Philippines. Finding the perfect things for her was not a joke because she is to choosy when it comes to her things for school. She wants the best and the unique things for her so she can brag it to her classmates. I know that all of us experienced it right? Because during my elementary days, My classmates and I are always gathering inside the classroom to see each others new stuffs. Some will envy with your stuffs but that is I think perfectly normal.

After 3 hours of walking and searching for her new things for school, we finally did it! We bought her 8 notebooks, cute pencils and ball pens and her pink bag pack. I suggested to my Mom that we should buy a nap mat for my sister so it looks stylish for her age but my sister refused my suggestion because she wants the pink kids backpack

Bag packs are good and perfectly fits for kids but I really want to buy her a nap mat. But after seeing the stephen joseph backpack, I realized that they were not that bad and agreed to my sister to buy her what she wants.The bag that I am talking about has cute designs like lady bugs, and colorful butterflies that are good for kids like my sister. After that, my sister was very happy for her new things for school and she was too excited to go to school and face the new challenges as a student.

That experience was good because my family bonded together and we all had fun. I know that this will happen again next year because my sister wants new and fresh stuffs for her.

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