Skip Beat 160

I miss this thing. Posting updates regarding manga series because this past few days or weeks, I became very busy with my personal blahs inside the campus and focused on earning money online. So I chose to update Skip Beat manga series.

Skip Beat 160 is the latest and most searched mange series today. I remember the time I posted something about it, a lot of people are commenting their ideas and I must say that they were too addicted with this. This series is being updated every 2 weeks so you will wait a little longer because Skip Beat 150 has just released and you can read it here. I will post some update about Skip beat 160 raw spoilers and predictions or you can post your thoughts or reactions about what you have read. But I must warn you guys because some of the contents are for adults only. But it is still up to you. I cannot forbid right? ha ha!


  1. From the fact he lost control and could have killed the guy. I think, Cain(Ren) might reveal a small aspect of his pain to Setsu(Kyoko), where she will give me comforting words and stuff. And that will then deepen there relationship with each other. Maybe the guy from the flashback was a friend and he knew the girl or the other way around, then he lot control in that aspect and he got seriously hurt, not sure about dead though. But I find the manga really interesting and somewhat addicting.

  2. Agree Agree!!! (><,)

  3. yes this manga is very addicting...
    ...anyway that dude in ch.159(from the flash back)could have been someone he knew(the same goes 4 the girl),but its not likely.It was most likely a fight between random strangers,just like the one Ren is n now.
    am i the only one to notice a ring on the left finger on the left hand of the woman cradling the bleeding unconscience guy?This could men that..

    she and the unconscience guy r...married!!!

  4. Setsu (Kyo) will see Cain (Ren) naked under the shower