I Have Changed for the Better

Recently, I have blogged about my plan in Cleaning Up this blog for some changes because for the whole month of April and May, I blogged a lot of things that I treated as junks. I wrote them because I want to attract a lot of people from Google. Yeah, I gained a lot of unique visitors per day but I was not satisfied. So I planned to clean everything for better things.
Today, I am here to update you about the status of this blog after the changes that I have made. I blogged about random things about my life but they are quality post so the search engine loves them right? Now, I noticed that my older posts ranked in the big G and my rank in Pinoy Top Blogs increased. From top 3 or 4 up to the number 1 spot. So I think I will continue this act.

But expect for some anime updates because I also need traffic from the search engines but I will not blog about Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece because the competition is very tight.

PS: If you want me to include you in my blogroll, just let me know okay? 

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