Blog Links For Everyone!

Yesterday, I blogged about cleaning up this blog and now, I need people that I will include in my blogroll or link list. I put my blogroll on my sidebar but I will configure it later. I will check if they removed me on their blog list or not. If they removed me, then I will also do the same just to be fair right?
But first, let me tell you what is the importance of a blogroll for us bloggers. A blogroll is a list of links of different bloggers that you will put in your blog. It will help you to promote your blog so it can attract more direct readers. If your blog is included in many blogroll, your blog have more chance to gain Page Rank from google.

So if you want me to include you in my blogroll, you can drop your details on the comment box below. Make sure that you use this format:
Blog Title: DeejSpeaks
Blog Link:

But make sure that you will also include me in your blogroll okay? You can submit all of your links but make sure that they also have my links. FYI, this blog has a PR3 from google so this will be good for your blogs.


  1. whoa. this is nice. add me up, pls? tnx in advance! :p

    Title: Ang Blog ng Feeling Deejay V.2

  2. okay... new cleaned blog. good!!

  3. Let's link exchange!

    here's mine:
    Blasting Mind (
    Blasting TV (


  4. hi. tnx a bunch for the link. :p

  5. Hi! can you please add my blog?

    Mine is kinda new so I'm needing much help...

    Hoping to keep my blog for a long time...

    So guys, please add me on your blogroll!

    Anything Goes

    I'll add you add, too!!!

    lotsa <3!!!!!