Cleaning up this blog

I am planning to clean up this blog because it is full of contents that are intended to boost up my traffic. I have written topics about manga series that attracts lots of visitors per day but I want to stop it because I want to write useful and high quality blog posts for everyone.
To refresh my readers about the concept of my this blog, I am writing about my personal issues inside and outside the campus, opinions on certain issues, fashion for guys and I am also accepting product reviews from advertisers and friends. But all of my reviews are true and unbiased. So accept new and fresh contents from Llama's Journal

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  1. good for planning to do that myself. good luck!

    one thing though...u deleted me fr your blogroll? please let me know asap if I will continue on with my deleting your link...or we can relink? please?

    ;) thanks.
    these are my sites
    life round meNyou